Patiala CSR Activity

Slum Area – Patiala CSR Activity

Situation: More than 1500 people are currently living in the Patiala slum area in Punjab. There are three largest slum areas in Patiala (Wood market slum, Tractor market slum, and UP slum). People in the slum make a living by collecting and selling rubbish and scraps. For the many kids who are missing out on education because of poverty, a block of government land has been rented out to build a temporary school.

Our support: Ceragem center owners, staff, and customers from Punjab decided to participate in this good cause. We decided to provide more long-term support with their education instead of a one-off donation. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger and improve education in this region, a project of building 100 Tent Schools was carried out.

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