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Home experience service at your doorstep!

Ceragem Master V4 Thermal Massager

Try it out at home and decide!

Ceragem Home Experience Service

Are you interested but hesitate to try it yourself?
Try it out with your family now and recognize the value.

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Have you ever been regretted after purchasing any duplicate product?

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You can’t experience the duplicate product online!

(Ceragem has 530 experience centers & customer can purchase after confirming the value after experience)

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Duplicate product sold online!

(Ceragem doesn’t sell online)

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It turns out to be illegal duplicate without A/S and customer care!

(Ceragem provides PCRS and A/S service) *PCRS: Purchase Customer Management

Ceragem provides the chance where you can recognize the value of product with
‘Customer-oriented’ Home Experience Service

Confidence about our product and Brand!

Why does Ceragem offer Home Experience Service?

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Global entry into 70 countries
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India 15 Years & 530 Centres
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Selected as a World-class product

The Spine is connected to Nervous System of Our Body

Provide customized massage by scanning the user’s spine. Lift it up and spread it
to 65˚C concentrated heat. How?
“Let’s lie down comfortably along with your spine line”

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At home. Lying down. Everyday with family

Who might benefit from the use of a Ceragem V4?

Recommended use : 40 minutes a daily

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who sit or stand all day

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Cleaning, washing dishes, wife choking with housework
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Children studying, using their cell phones, bowing their heads
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Parents who have been devoted to their families

EcHom Representative Q&A


Is it really not necessary to purchase after a home experience?

If you do not like it after using it for 14 days, we will collect the product without any special conditions.
*Echom period : 14 Days (2 weeks)


What should I do if it breaks or get damage during the home experience period?

If you do not like it after using it for 14 days, we will collect the product without any special conditions.
*Echom period : 14 Days (2 weeks)


What is the product price when purchasing through EcHom?

V4 MRP is 2,76,000 rupees / V3 MRP is 2,45,000 rupees. The deposit and installation fee paid when applying for EcHom can be converted into purchase price.


Is there a separate penalty for not buying?

We do not charge any additional amount other than the installation fee paid at installation.
*V4 Deposit : 1 Lakh / installation fee : 10,000 rupees
*V3 Deposit : 1 Lakh / installation fee : 10,000 rupees


Do you provide free gift when purchasing through EcHom?

When you purchase V3, you will get Ceraball S1 Mat.
When you purchase V4, you will get Ceramix S1 mat as a free gift.


What is the process for applying for EcHom?

According to the information you entered when applying for EcHom, it will be held within 2~3 days through the Happy call by the CS team of the HO.