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Ceragem Master V4
Introduction Video & 12 Core Feature Videos

About Master V4
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Ceragem Master V4 Introduction
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Master V4 Core Features

Patented Master V4 technology for a customized massage

Customized massage with spine scanning

main point 04 - Ceragem India

17 Specialized massage modes

Master mode

Master Mode for a targeted massage

9 Level of Intensity Control in Ceragem Master V4

Adjustable 9 level Intensity control

Smart Sliding Design in Ceragem Master V3

Auxillary sliding function

Vibrating abdominal projector

Vibrating abdominal projector


Patented Technology for a Customized massage

As each person’s height varies, so does the spine’s length. CERAGEM’s patented technology analyzes the user’s spinal length, curvature, and weight for a customized thermal massage experience suits to each user’s body.

Ceragem Patented Technology

Adjustable Massage
Intensity Control

Patented technology enables the internal projectors to automatically adjust along
the user’s spine for the massage intensity and strength.

Adjustable Massage Intensity Control in Ceragem Master V4

17 Specialized Massage Modes

Select massage modes that meet your choice. 12 automatic modes designed to support and intended massage.

17 Specialized Massage Modes in Ceragem Master V4

Master Mode for a
Targeted Massage

CERAGEM’s technology allows user to identify specific spinal areas (Cervical Vertebrae, Thoracic Vertebrae & Lumbar) for an intense, customized thermal massage.
Sections of the Spine :
C1 (Cervical Section) ~ L5 (Thoracic, Lumber and Sacral Section)

Master Mode for a Targeted Massage

65°C Intensive
Thermal Massage

A whole body thermal massage is performed with the application of Intensive heat-up to 65°C

65°C Intensive Thermal Massage using Ceragem Thermal Massager

of Intensity Control

Select from 9 levels of intensity to adjust the desired intensity of your massage.


Abdominal Projector

The new, heated vibrating Projector can be applied to the abdomen, or to various body parts of your choice, for a stimulating, warming massage, with heat up to 60°C.


Design Patent

The premium textiles and modern design of the CERAGEM Master V4 makes it a welcome addition to any room in the home, with it’s luxurious Saffiano-style textiles accommodation the furnishings of bedrooms or living rooms. The patented sliding function allows the bed to convert from a bed into a space-saving portable thermal sofa.

Ceragem Master V4 Premium style convertible design

Ceragem Sound

Choose sounds of nature, classical, or functional music tracks made available through CERAGEM Sound, a collection of twenty (20) pre-installed audio pieces, to complement the soothing effects of your massage, while relieving stress & fatigue and relaxing your mind.

Music Mode in Ceragem Master V4

Audio Guidance

Choose sounds of nature, classical, or functional music tracks made available through CERAGEM Sound, a collection of twenty (20) pre-installed audio pieces, to complement the soothing effects of your massage, while relieving stress & fatigue and relaxing your mind.

Audio Guidance in Ceragem Master V4

Color LCD
Remote Control

The user-friendly icons and backlit color LCD of the newly designed remote control make the CERAGEM Master V4 easier to use in light and dark conditions.

Color LCD Remote Control

Bluetooth Speaker

Multi-device connectivity through Bluetooth speakers allow users to enjoy audio content through their smart phone or other connected devices.

Ceragem Master V4 Bluetooth speaker

What is the principle of Master V4?

Massage in Ceragem Master V4


Accupressure in Ceragem Master V4


Stretching is the principle of Master V4


Heat therapy in Ceragem Master V4


Disclaimer *This is an image produced for better understanding and has no relation with how the product actually works.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ceragem Master V4 is a therapeutic automatic thermal massage bed that combines modern technology with traditional healing principles. Some of the core features of Ceragem Master V4 are: 

  • Customized massage with spine scanning.
  • 17 Specialized massage modes.
  • Master Mode for targeted massage.
  • Adjustable 9 level intensity control.
  • Auxillary sliding function.
  • Vibrating abdominal projector.

Yes, the Ceragem Master V4 is a medical device. It is licensed to import Class B from India CDSCO.

Intended use: It is intended to provide Therapeutic Massage to the occupant of a bed for the treatment of body aches and pains.

The license number for the device is IMP/MD/2023/000424, by CDSCO (India Central Drugs Standard Control Organization).

Additionally, the device has acquired FDA and EU Medical certificates.

Ceragem Master V4 is a product made for the family’s spinal health and can be used by all ages. You can get a massage that suits your condition through spine scanning, intensity and temperature control (recommended height 120cm ~ 186.4cm)

However, pregnant women, children, and the elderly should consult a doctor before use.

Master V4 has passed the standard specifications & the maximum permissible weight is 135kg. In addition, no matter how heavy a person is, the weight is dispersed when he/she lies down, so there is no problem with the use.

V4 can be used from 30 to 65 degrees, but the degree of feeling varies depending on the person. However, for proper use, it is recommended to use around 50 degrees.

In particular, when using the semi-automatic / manual mode (when exposed to a specific part for a long time), it is recommended to lower the temperature by 5 degrees below the normal operating temperature because you have to be careful low temperature burns.

In the case of V4, the general rated power consumption is 190W, According to the Ceragem Institute of Technology’s measurement, the power consumption is similar to 3 indoor fluorescent lamp.

Ceragem Master V4 provides 17 massage modes as below:

Ceragem Master V4 - 12 Massage ModesCeragem Master V4 - 5 Custom User Modes

Who might benefit from the use of a Ceragem V4?

Recommended Use : About 40 Minutes a Daily

Backpain in Office Workers

who sit or stand all day

Homemaker having back pain



who spend all day cleaning and doing house chores

Backpain in students studying all day



who study all day

img recommend item 4 - Ceragem India

who struggle with aging