Ceragem CSR Activity Odisha Cyclone Relief

CSR activity for Odisha Cyclone FANI

Place: Puri (Odisha)

Relief & Support: Rice, Atta, Drinking Water & Sugar

Impact of Cyclone FANI in Odisha

  • An estimated 28 million people and 14 districts were affected.
  • Affected across 10,000 villages and 52 urban areas.
  • The extremely severe cyclonic storm at Puri is considered one of the “rarest of the rare” summer cyclones.
  • The cyclone is the first to hit Odisha in 43 years. It is also one of the three cyclones in the last 150 years.
Ceragem CSR Activity during Odisha Floof Relief Campaign
Odisha Cyclone Relief

CERAGEM India prepared relief supplies (Rice, Atta, Drinking Water, and Sugar) for Puri (Odisha) residents, under the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Ceragem India Team during CSR Activity at Odisha Cyclone Relief Campaign
Food Distribution during Odisha Flood Relief Campaign
Odisha Cyclone Relief
Ceragem Staff Distributing Food & Water during Odisha Flood Relief Campaign

CSR A/S Free Servicing of Cyclone-affected Ceragem products will carry out soon. We wish Odisha a full recovery soon!


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