Ceragem CSR Activity Odisha Cyclone Relief

CSR activity for Odisha Cyclone FANI

Place: Puri (Odisha)

Relief & Support: Rice, Atta, Drinking Water & Sugar

Impact of Cyclone FANI in Odisha

  • An estimated 28 million people and 14 districts were affected.
  • Affected across 10,000 villages and 52 urban areas.
  • The extremely severe cyclonic storm at Puri is considered one of the “rarest of the rare” summer cyclones.
  • The cyclone is the first to hit Odisha in 43 years. It is also one of the three cyclones in the last 150 years.
odisha relief img - Ceragem India
odisha relief img1 - Ceragem India

CERAGEM India prepared relief supplies (Rice, Atta, Drinking Water, and Sugar) for Puri (Odisha) residents, under the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

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odisha relief img3 - Ceragem India
odisha relief img4 - Ceragem India
odisha relief img5 - Ceragem India

CSR A/S Free Servicing of Cyclone-affected Ceragem products will carry out soon. We wish Odisha a full recovery soon!


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