Korea : CERAGEM acquires 쏤amous Mark in China for the first time among Korean medium-scale compani 2011.06.01

CERAGEM acquires "Famous Mark" in China for the first time among Korean medium-scale companies
Resolved the "Chaktung" (imitating) br problem with Chinese legal protection, third Korean company to acquire mark after Samsung LG


Healthcare specialist CERAGEM (chairman: Mr. Lee Hwan Sung) obtained official approval from the Chinese government with the "Famous Mark" last May 27.

The "Famous Mark" approval system is a system wherein the Chinese government (China, State Administration for Industry Commerce) approves the use of the mark after comprehensively assessing foreign domestic awareness, total sales, industrial activities, etc., of the br in question. Once the br is registered as a "Famous Mark," it is placed under special legal protection wherein the trademark protection rights are exped even to the line of non-registered products, a third party is prohibited to register use any similar marks, the preferred right is given when imitation items are cracked down, etc. It is quite meaningful that exclusive awareness br value have been ensured in the Chinese markets where the so-called "Chaktung" items are rampant.

Currently, there are a total of 1,624 Famous Marks registered in China, with foreign brs making up no more than 98. Samsung LG are among the Korean brs registered as Famous Marks. Except for Samsung LG, it is very rare for Korean brs to obtain the Famous Mark since the procedures for application approval are very strict. Thus, CERAGEM is now recognized as a global healthcare specialist enterprise, joining the ranks of leading global companies in the Chinese markets since it has acquired the Famous Mark approval.
CERAGEM was founded in Korea in 1998 it invested in established Yeon-gil CERAGEM Medical Instruments Co., Ltd., in 2001. Since then, it has built production infrastructure such as 3 local factories in China (in Yeon-gil, Cheonjin, Suam) a research & development center thanks to specialized product technology differentiated free experience marketing strategy, etc., for the last 10 years. CERAGEM currently has about 2,000 distributors in 30 provinces city or local autonomous districts.

"CERAGEM has been successful in positioning itself as a high-value, premium br in the Chinese markets through its own special marketing, holding on to the top spot in terms of market share in the medical warming apparatus markets in China based on this success. Obtaining the Famous Mark approval has solidified its status as a premium br in the healthcare markets, it will provide an opportunity for the CERAGEM group to advance forward as a truly global healthcare group both in name reality," a source at CERAGEM said. 

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